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Escrito por freddy desde ( el día martes, 20 de febrero, 2007 a las 09:52:57 horas :

We just returned from zihua one sad week ago today. As I first timer to pacific Mexico I was tentative as to what I'd experience. The Mayan side had been my haunt- In particular Akumal. A few friends commented "The water is not as clean", "Lots of trouble in guerrero be careful!". Well let me say from landing my fears were washed clean. Perched it seats 1A, and 1C, in executive class I was the second off the plane (my wife first of course!) The air hit like a wall of sticky wall paper!! Serious humidity is what I love! Since we arrived at 2:30 we got to our condo at the gaviota end of La Ropa at roughly 3:50 pm. Sunshine abound we headed to La ropa and onward to Zihua on foot.
Firstly La Ropa is clean and beautiful. The water gently lapped at my feet like a new friend-It was warm and clear.
Sore break no more that two feet at times -it was perfect water for a casual swim or kids to play. We had tiritas the first night along with quesadillas and lobster tacos all were great and the pina coladas tasted so sweet! Onto the commercial mexican for our staple ingredients. Costco like in size and matter this store had whatever you needed. We only hit it twice. The farmers market or mercado central was way more fun and don't get me started on the fruit plates for a buck!! After our first nite, we spent the next couple of days lounging at El Manglar. The food was ok, but Elena the waitress was too cool. We enjoyed there proximity to our place. After a couple days we ventured to Las Gatas-a scooch over the rocks from La Gaviota. We knew we wanted to goto otellias but the walk across Las Gatas was opportunity after opportunity. Greeted by Franko with an "aloha" made us smile. The food here rocked! We had 3 different lobster specials that day:lobster stuffed pineapple, lobster skewers, and lobster in a cheese sauce 8 beers, 2 pina coladas and 100 bucks not bad for a days work. Friday saw us head to Ixtapa for a beach visit. Bigger waves pound the shore here as we saw up to 10ft swells (At the north end of the beach). Nice beach loved the body surfing and my wife did not. The bad thing was it was all hotels for wristband people we noticed-not our cup of tea. We wandered town a bit, but this was the "waikiki" if you will some will love it, but not me. Oh did I mention the weather? It was always hot morning, noon, night-GREAT!!!!
I remember a few "cloudy days" I think we counted up to fifteen clouds on a few days. After one week, we had a rendez-vous with La Gringa. We chartered a small boat from Ótilias with captain Roberto and his dad Solomon. Pickup 7:00 am but the were early so by 6:45 wew were on the water. It could not have been 20 minutes and rotund yellowfin tuna nibbled at our bait. After a halfhour fight we landed it. Close to three feet long and roughly 30-35 lbs I was in heaven! My wife caught several blackfins 5-8 lbs. At 11:45 we returned too Otilia's with our catches. Franko prepared 4 different types of tuna on a platter with even sashimi! When we left, we had a cooler full of fillets which I shared with people at our condo...Who would not want fresh fish? By now we had found pattys mar y mar. We spent our last week in the sun on the beach at pattys for breakfast and lunch. This place never served a bad dish and Estor our faithful waiter was so nice. What a pleasure it was to get to know these people. No rent expected for chairs (I think only pattys and rossys offered this. Now we felt like we had it figured out a bit. I scuba dove with Thierry at Carlo Scuba. He took me on a two dive trip which was great! 55 ft depth with warm water and roughly 30-40ft visibility. Saw rays,puffer,lobster, and many tropical fish. I think people who have complained of dirty water here might not have passed the sand churn at shore break. We did notice a little cloudy water during sailfest but never felt it to be dirty.
We ate at Il Mare -a great experience. Mediterranean food was cooked to perfection. That said, however, the steaks still are not like home but the were still very good. On the other edge we at a Pollo Loco. 3.50 for a quarter chicken with beans,coleslaw, and a bottle of coke. Wow! The
basketball courts on sunday were really neat to. I wish my community in Canada took time for the people once a week like this. Had some shave ice and watched the girls singing, all in a carnival like atmosphere to cool.

Do I have anything bad to say? Of course I do. My stay was only two weeks, you can bet next year will be three. I hope I can see my older friend Paul who was at pattys daily also. Being 34 one might expect I'd say more about the night. Ok how about the stars and the sound of the surf? How about the fact we never felt unsafe (even on the footpath in zihua at 10:30?) Everyone would always have a Hola if you had one for them. I will post pictures to look at- I have 280 or so but I won't bore you with all of them.
Bottomline for me was I found a new haunt. I loved the vibe and have only begun exploring this area. Only one thing left to do-Count down to July when I can book another flight. Thanx Zihua, and thanx to Zihua Rob for creating such a forum for learning. Some friends at our condo were impressed with our knowledge on the area-I got it all here. Don't overplan let your days melt together you are after all on vacation! The pina coladas don't taste as sweet here anymore I hope to relight that fire next year!!!
Cheers and Smitten

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