Bahia Condo 3 at Madeira Beach

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Escrito por Anna desde ( el día jueves, 22 de febrero, 2007 a las 23:04:59 horas :

Be aware that this condo is not what it looks like on the website. We booked the Bahia Condo 3 at Madeira Beach in Zihua for the month of January. The website is very well done and we expected to be comfortable. All I can say is nothing was the way it was represented. We were there three weeks before we could even swim in the pool. Every day, it was the same thing. We will clean it now or it was always someone else's fault. The pool never got cleaned up, and I mean scummy dirty. The condo was filthy and no amount of elbow grease could clean it up. The stove didn't work. The sink plugged up. It was common to have no hot water or just no water at all. When we tried to deal with the lady Carmen it basically came down to "too bad". We had made the mistake of paying in advance so there was no refund of any kind.

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