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Escrito por Maggie and Don desde (063240122161.casecorp.com) el día miércoles, 28 de febrero, 2007 a las 14:26:02 horas :

En respuesta a: not clear escrito por ZihuaRob desde (dsl-189-147-63-89.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día miércoles, 28 de febrero, 2007 a las 14:00:14 horas :

I doubt it was Daniel who did it! ;)

The boys caught a dorado earlier that day and Don knew Daniels would do a good job cooking the fish,plus a great atmosphere, so they took it there....we found 50 pesos per person to be a very fair price and it was cooked perfectly, we had rice and veggies, etc. No problem there.

When some of us ordered drinks, they never asked if we wanted the jumbo ones, just brought them. One girl had looked at the menu and the jumbo drinks were supposedly 60 pesos (possibly 80? Can't recall now. NOT 100 for sure!)

But on the bill they had charged us 100 pesos per 'girly' drink. Hmmm.
Also, there was an overcharge of another 200 pesos on the bill, which they corrected when we pointed it out. (we asked if it was the propina, they said no.)

We didn't bother asking why the drinks were so pricey, just sucked it up and left. Too bad, because we liked Daniels the other two times we at there. It just left a bad taste in our mouths.

Rob, we checked out Lupitas, very nice things she has, nice store!

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