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Escrito por Ed in Saskatchewan (in Zihuatanejo) desde ( el día martes, 06 de marzo, 2007 a las 15:07:12 horas :

En respuesta a: Patzcuaro-Where to stay? escrito por krad desde ( el día martes, 06 de marzo, 2007 a las 12:51:22 horas :

I stayed at a place mid-way between the two plazas- Rincon de Josfea (sp) or something like that. Very pleasant. It was in one of the travel books - Either pacific Mexico or Lonely Planet - canīt remember which. It was nice that it was slightly removed from the plazas but very close.

Plaza Chica (canīt remember the real name) was all boarded up as they were doing removations (this was last week).

I ate at the places mentioned in your note and both were good. I also ate at Pricillaīs - a bit pricey but the food was excellent.

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