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We leave in the morning and then we will be singing the epilogue to John Ferns song "Zihuatanejo" Darn , it went to fast!
I can't believe that I can actually give my opinions about this place finally. I have been here twice now, but the first time was only a day and a half trip.
We stayed (and are still staying) at Brisas del Mar.It is a very nice place. We thought it was nicer than the pic's we saw on trip advisor.They do seem to be going through personnel. Santiago is no longer here. I couldn't wait to meet him and he's gone.I also sort of thought we had to figure the place out by ourselves, but that could be because of all the new people. But, still a good place.
Resturants... I would NOT recommend Sanka Grill. It is like three doors down from Brasero's which I would recommend. We felt unwanted and were passed around between three servers.I feel bad saying this, but, the organ type music and singing annoyed us.A good little CHEAP place was something like Carboncaitos. (iam sorry if it is not correct, but it relly worth mentioning. The Al pastor tacos and green onions are great! The barbaccoa was great at EL PUEBLITO. And the basketball courts Sunday nights are a must as everyone else has said. We landed , went to Hotel, straight to El pueblito for Sunday Barbaccoa thenlater back down to basktball courts as lots had said to do on this message board and it was great. Find the people making the Quesadillas. Long line, but worth it, they were only 18 pesos!!!($1.80) Huge and my husband said they are clean people, only one person touches the money. The server at Tamales Y Atole Any was the nicest.Her name is Guadalupe. We even exchanged e-mail addresses.
A good good place for breakfast and even lunch is La Casa Cafe on Calle Adellito almost directly across from La Gula. Really nice people and that tomarrow morning will be our last meal here!
We walked around and looked at some of the other accomodations and found we could have really done this on the cheap! Two recommendations would be for clean basic rooms: La Casa de los Suenos. NICE, nice lady. Lucila is her name and she can be reached at lucilamairen@yahoo.com.mx $45-$65. a night.
The other was this beautiful quiet (they all seem to be) place called Villa Cruz del Mar. Neither have ocean views but are right across from Playa Madera. Phone #(755)554 3619. $65. and up to I think $100.o
We wentsnrkeling with Moses and crew and had very mixed reviews with that. This was our first time, the boat ride was great, the equipment was old and not clean. I had brought wet wipes along and let everyone use them. Moses didn't actually Go with us, he got off as we picked up others to probably set the next days people up. If you come to Z, you'll meet him, he makes the rounds! His son-in-law was good with us, but they just need to get new equipment! OLD! Or you could do what my kids did and take the watter taxi over and rent clean equip for $5. and do it yourself. The liked it.
Thanks for all the advice and help we got from this board. My husband and kids couldn't believe how much I knew about the area.

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