My Trip: Part 2 MORE DINING

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Escrito por The G-Force desde ( el día jueves, 08 de marzo, 2007 a las 12:48:06 horas :

DINING: El Centro
Had tacos de camaron at the great, inviting circular bar at Coconuts. They were very good. Also had a tequila and sangrita. Lovely, warm service on my first night there. Actually, I just realized there was a younger crowd there - a group of friends on a trip together, in their 30s. The dining space was decorated with lots of twinkling lights and was magical.
La Sirena Gorda. Absolutely the best meal of my trip. Had the tacos pescado al pastor. (Very interesting concept to me, as I am a big fan of tacos al pastor in the traditional sense) Followed by the most luscious, big old bowl of campechana (mixed seafood stew in a ceviche style). I can't stop thinking about how delicious, fresh and vibrant with was. Had a nice sauvignon blanc with this - the house white.
Los Braseros. Kept driving by this amazing spit of meat for tacos al pastor and finally dined there. WOW! Best tacos al pastor I have had in a long, long time. I ordered the very small tacos and a huarache of nopales and mushrooms. But the meat in the two tiny tacos wasn't enough and I ordered a little plate of just the al pastor meat to slap on my huarache. Wa sin heaven. Good, limey margarita accompanied.

DINING: Ixtapa. Last time I was in Zihua, Rubens was located at la Madera. I had heard he is now in Ixtapa. I reluctantly made the taxi ride there as I had to have one of his burgers. So good! Also had chayote and a stuffed potato. Picked at both, though very good. Walked through that Ixtapa 'mall' afterwards and well, sort of hated it. Either you are an Ixtapa person or not. I felt like I was in Miami beach. Too developed. Big, impersonal hotels, no 'sabor'. Know what I mean?

Hotel 5 Sentidos COMING UP IN PART 3

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