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Escrito por Tomtom desde ( el día viernes, 09 de marzo, 2007 a las 22:26:29 horas :

En respuesta a: Internet Cafe Warning escrito por Scott desde ( el día viernes, 09 de marzo, 2007 a las 21:22:32 horas :

Excellent information. I think so many Internet users do not think about security when using public computers like at Internet cafe's.

I suggest:

1) If you are transferring files, do not use FTP. FTP is not encrypted/secure. You should use SCP (Secure copy), or tools like Glub that encrypt your FTP connection through SSL.

2) Public computers are OK for email and sites like Google which you are not transferring any personal information. Do not check your bank account information, pay credit card bills, or do other Internet activities involving sending sensitive information (account numbers, ssn, birthdates, address, etc). It is also not recommended to connect to your person computers (e.g. server at home) from public computers unless you use security tools like a SecureID card.

3) Complain to the Internet Cafe support. Sometimes they have no clue about the problems with their computers, even though it is their responsibility to keep their systems safe by using AV/anti-spyware/security solutions.

4) If you are concerned about password, there is one way you can get around keyloggers. Say you are using IE to pay your credit card bill. When logging into the web site, type a few characters in the password field then click out of the field (e.g. the background of the web page, like the orange part of this web site) and type more characters, then go back to the password field and finish your password. The keylogging software cannot differentiate between the form field and no field and will see it all as one word.

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