My Trip Part Three: Hotel 5 Sentidos

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Escrito por The G-Force desde ( el día sábado, 10 de marzo, 2007 a las 19:48:24 horas :

I put together my trip to Zihua in less than a week and - via the Internet - had narrowed it down to three smaller, boutique hotels in La Ropa: Villa Carolina, Villa Luz and Hotel 5 Sentidos. (I didn't realize they pretty much form a triangle, they are so close to one another.) The prices of the three were about the same $175-200 per night. Hotel 5 Sentidos had availability on the dates I wanted and offered me a single rate ($175). They did not ask for a deposit (!) and all email exchanges were kind, prompt and professional.

I arrived late as I missed my connection in DF (weather in NYC delayed departure). They were waiting for me nonetheless. After a brief tour of the room and instructions of how to work things and such, 'Heiko' the property manager left me to enjoy. (I speak Spanish so we interacted in that language, but Heiko's English was fine.) And that is pretty much my last interaction! I felt like I was staying at my own little condo.

The rooms are lovely, tasteful, adobe-ish Mexican style decor(duh). I had a large room with 2 doubles, separate WC, big closet with safe deposit box, great, huge tiled shower, long vanity with sink. TV with full cable. AC and fan - with remote control. They even lend guests a cell phone with the staffs' numbers saved to memory. Coffee maker (with fresh Mexican coffee and fixins); mini-refrigerator stocked with beer, coke light, coke and water (1.5L bottle replaced daily),silverware, a few plates, bowls, mugs and glasses. Sitting area with sofa and table. Great terrace with two camastros (loungers) and view of the Bay and... the sweetest little private infinity pool! I would slide into its cool waters every day upon returning from the beach,leaning over the edge to drink a beer or wine and read a magazine.

I saw the couple occupying the suite next to mine just a few times, and only if I really leaned over the edge of my terrace or pool. And the cute bleach blond kids from NAPA in the larger suite above me would sometimes lean over to say hello and visit.

I said hi to the owner Araceli a few times, but really was left on my own. They knew what time my departure flight was and came up about an hour before I left to settle the bill and help with luggage. It was really a perfect set-up for me and I feel, a great value. Heiko tells me my room was not even one of their nicest.

The downfall is that it is up a little hill on the street in front of La Ropa, so one has to walk downhill, cross the main street and then make your way down to the beach - I cut through Villas Del Sol or the market. I didn't care at all; in fact I sort of liked feeling tucked away, more like a local. Now, coming UP the hill after a day in the sun was sometimes a pain, but I am a runner and liked working the glutes and hammies! I never even called a taxi as I had noticed a taxi stand around the corner from Villa del Sol (behind Troppo) and would just walk down there and get one when I wanted to go into down or Ixtapa. Or I would tell one to come get me later that evening at a certain time as I was leaving the beach.

I highly recommend it for its privacy and ease, but if you are looking for 'service' and the opportunity to meet fellow travelers or visit with the proprietors, you really won't get much of that at Hotel 5 Sentidos.

Hotel Cinco Sentidos has a very secluded, romantic feel and honestly, at times I would take it all in and couldn't believe I was really there.


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