Barra & Picante

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We enjoyed Barra. We put up camp at La Condesa [recommended on boards]. Bring your own towels. The beach area had some trash which was a shame but it was wonderful for a nice long walk and peace. The vendors approach a lot while you're sitting; although they're polite, it's annoying. The lagoon was fun to kayak around...we didn't know where to go or anything, so perhaps arranging something in advance might be good [people recommend zoe kayak which we didn't find]. It was a fun experience. Another couple went to Isle Ixtapa and really enjoyed that as well. We didn't have time to do it all. We thought about Playa Las Gatas but saw it from the sailboat and while it looked nice, it was right there in Zihua and a modernized version of Barra. I wanted to go to Troncones also but was vetoes by DH, we only had 5 days after all. LOL.

Picante sailboat. I would bring towels. My DH helped catch that...they keep the rod in and when it seems to hook something, they grab a volunteer to reel it in. They have a nice shade area so when the sun is too hot you can hang out there. Very nice group.


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