Book Exchange has new face

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Escrito por LadyM in Zih desde ( el día jueves, 22 de marzo, 2007 a las 19:29:03 horas :

For the past several years since I have had a home in Zihua more than several people have come to my house for books. I always exchanged or just gave books, no problem. This year it has gotten to be more and more people which is not a problem except sometimes I try and have a life. :^) Like going to the beach, etc.

SO--the book exchange that I have always had at my home has changed locat1ons. If you want to find a book or exchange one go to Lilly's at the land end of the pier. She has several hundred now and will have more for the future. She is happy for you to brouse the books whether you are having a cool one or not. Great margaritas though. So do not miss the chance while you are there.

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