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Escrito por Taylor desde ( el día viernes, 23 de marzo, 2007 a las 16:27:54 horas :

Hi Suzanne, we just got back on Wednesday morning. Had a great time as usual. We stayed at Bungalows La Madera this time and it was just great (just up and behind MJ & Ritchie's)really convenient. In fact, too convenient, we hardly moved from Madera Beach this time. We didn't even go to La Ropa at all. There just didn't seem to be any need and it was also awfully warm this trip, so moving around wasn't all that easy. We met some really nice people on the beach (Larry & Diana, Don and Susan, etc.)so had some nice company and really didn't feel the need to go anywhere else. I am already back at work and believe me it's not much fun here in Vancouver. I think it was raining the whole time we were gone and when I look out of the window, it looks like it has no intentions of stopping. Tom stayed well the whole time we were in Zihua and in fact actually played soccer again on the beach with the kids. There's just no talking to that man. We had some great meals (as usual). We like to support the smaller restaurants locally on Madera. We ate at Rufo's, Salvadores, Il Mediteraneo (lovely pasta), La Sanka Grill and of course La Gula. In fact, we thought La Gula had gotten even better than in previous visits. We also went on the Picante sunset cruise. It was a wee bit pricey at $50 U.S., but we loved it and we got to see Zihua and Ixtapa from a completely different viewpoint and I would highly recommend it. We listened to some great music at the Guitar Festival. We really liked Chris Dunnett and the young Ukranian girl.

Even our trip home with Alaska through the dreaded LA was better this time, because we now have 2 hours connecting time instead of 1 hour. We still don't like going through LA - it's an awfully stressful and intimidating place. We have transitted through some really large airports both on this side of the world and in Europe and don't think we have ever encountered such apathy and rudeness.

We are all booked up again for next year for the beginning of January. We are going to a friend's son's wedding in Cuarnevaca just after Christmas and then we will take our time and head over to Zihua, stopping at a few of the collonial towns on the way there.

As I say, as usual had a great time. Not too happy at being back in freezing, wet old Vancouver, but feel damn lucky to be able to experience Zihua - it's definitely a special place.

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