Trip report, March 17-24

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Escrito por Bill in MN desde ( el día domingo, 25 de marzo, 2007 a las 12:52:40 horas :

Just returned....Of course a wonderful vacation. The food, service, atmosphere and people were as usual, outstanding! Tried some new places (La Cala, for one) and revisited some old haunts and friends. The weather was warm and sunny; the beach and pools at Las Brisas were inviting and refreshing... (some good sized waves on a few of the days). Perhaps Rob and those who are more in the know about these things would explain please; The hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. seemed empty......IMO this would be the prime time to be in Zihua-Ixtapa....where did all the folks go? I cannot think of a more attractive, laid-back, friendly place to be............ Mixing with the locals, visiting with the merchants and helpers, riding the bus system is such a great opportunity AND my wife and I felt 100% safe wherever we rode or walked.

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