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Escrito por Daniel in Iowa desde ( el día domingo, 25 de marzo, 2007 a las 19:29:27 horas :

En respuesta a: Hertz Warning! escrito por Boulder Mike desde ( el día domingo, 25 de marzo, 2007 a las 19:08:02 horas :

That's a shame. Ourselves, we had no problem this year, despite a brief scare when we ended up with a rear flat-tire while in Troncones. We were concerned they were going to pull the "damaged rim" scenario on us, as per a previous post, especially when we read the fine print that stated the car was to be driven on paved roads only. That's not easy to do in Troncones. Anyway, our time in Troncones was cut short by one day since our reservations got screwed up, so we decided to return the car early and spend our last night in Zih.

We dropped the car off at their Zih office and became even more concerned when they said they would have to take the car to the airport to make sure the rim hadn't been damaged. We returned a couple hours later and they confirmed that the rim was fine, in addition to crediting us for one day's rental due to the early return.

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