Trip Report - Catalina Beach Resort - Linda Vista photos as promised!

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We had a great time in Zihua at the Catalina. Pictures in the link below of the Honeymoon Suite and one of the newer Linda Vista Suites (room 52).

Our Zihuatanejo vacation photos

We stayed the first 5 nights in the Honeymoon Suite (no, we weren't on our honeymoon, but rather a "Yay, we made it through our first year with twins so lets take a much deserved vacation without them" vacation). It had a gorgeous view of the bay and was almost smack in the middle of everything - the bar, restaurant, and the beach. It was a bit rustic in decoration, but very spacious and comfortable. It was very private with a huge balcony. We ate breakfast out front every morning and enjoyed watching the beach come to life. We moved (rather the staff moved our stuff while we sat on the beach) to a Linda Vista Suite for the last 2 nights of our stay. It was a much more modern version and also had a breathtaking view of the bay. I absolutely loved the balcony/outdoor living room of this suite! The downside was it was at the very TOP of the hill and lots of steps down to everything. By the end of the week, we were used to all the stairs so it wasn't a big deal. The beach was amazing and there was usually a palapa open in the middle. Lots of people "saved" palapas early in the morning with a towel or sandal and didn't show up until well in the afternoon. It peeved me off for a few minutes until I realized I was on vacation and got over it. We usually moved up to the pool in the late afternoon before climbing back up to our room for a siesta before dinner. The swim up pool bar wasn't open during our stay, but it seemed as though they were doing lots of renovation/construction behind that particular area.

The staff at the Catalina were so gracious and made our stay one of the nicest vacations we've taken. They were very helpful and accommodating.

We shopped at the Commercial Mexicana on our first day for sodas, beers, and breakfast items to keep in our room. It was more economical for us to eat breakfast in so we could spend more on our lunches and dinners.

We visited the Mercado downtown - highly recommend doing this! It's where the locals shop. Tons of fresh fish and produce - truly a feast for all of the senses (well, maybe except for all of those chickens with their heads still intact) and a learning experience!

We drank bottled water, but brushed with the hotel faucet water and didn't get sick - just in case you were wondering.

We ate at Elvira's, Paty's, Doņa Prudencia, the Catalina restaurant, La Sirena Gorda, Tamales y Any, Momma Norma and Deborah, and Fragolino for gelato a FEW times! All very good, fresh, and neither of us got sick.

To all the people that think Z is an "older crowd" - NOT during our stay!! Lots of younger families were there during our stay with lots of kids - some with young toddlers even! I noticed a lot of them were Canadian - maybe a holiday time for them (March 17-24th)?

Anyway - we had a great time in Z. It was my 2nd time (I stayed at the Melia in Ixtapa the first time 2 years ago with my sister-in-law). I'm so glad we stayed in Z and got to experience all of her charms! I found Rob's wife Lupita's shop and she helped me pick out a lovely top. I would've loved to spend more pesos in there... maybe next time! We didn't end up doing the Picante cruise like I'd planned, but we really enjoyed just relaxing and NOT planning - we do that too much at home. If anyone has any more specific questions, just ask and I'll try to answer.

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