Trip Report - Day 3

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Escrito por Unwound (formerly Ready to Unwind & Unwinding) desde ( el día martes, 27 de marzo, 2007 a las 10:46:29 horas :

We apologize in advance for this post not being a typical trip report. This is in part because we really didn't do anything other than lay around and relax all day, jump in the pool from time to time, and get to meet some of our "neighbors" at Amuleto. An excellent day for us to be sure, but not too interesting for you readers. Far and away, the big highlight of our day #3 was meeting all you folks who showed up at El Manglar for the board get-together. We had a blast! Many thanks to Linda for organizing the event.

We had the pleasure of meeting Rob at the get-together and he is truly a "rebel with a cause". We, like many of you, came to this board for helpful information about vacationing in Zihua, and the board delivers in this regard. There is, however, a much more critical role the board plays as a vehicle for social change. The passion evident in Rob's postings with respect to justice, preservation, and the overall well-being of Zihua and its residents is not in any way contrived, and not without significant risk for he and his family. It is common in Canada and the U.S. for concerned citizens to take a public posture on issues like corruption and greed because the risk/benefit ratio is favorable. Mexico, however, is much different. Rob knows this, but for whatever reason he has chosen to take the risk anyway. Commendable yes, but also a bit dangerous. So, use the board to help plan your vacation, but also remember that it is an excellent and powerful medium for the promotion of the greater good here in Zihua. When you see posts encouraging you to write to local authorities to express outrage over their handling (or lack thereof) of education, animal rights, pollution, development, or any number of other issues, please make sure your voice is heard. Hope is not lost here, and to the extent that this board can help influence even the smallest of positive changes we are helping improve that risk/benefit ratio for Rob.

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