Uruapan or Patzcuaro????? Yes!

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Lupita's Oasis In The Desert

My sis and I took an overnight trip from Zihuatanejo a couple of weeks ago. We left In the morning and got to Patzcuaro before noon. Had lunch down by the pier where you catch the boat out to the island.

We didn't go to the island because we were more interested in checking out some Tarascan ruins. We went up to Ihuatzio and checked out the twin pyramids there. Then we went up to Tzintzuntzan and visited the yacatas overlooking the lake.

We took the free road back to Uruapan in the afternoon and could have stopped by at Tingambato if we wanted to. Sis said two ancient ruins in a day were enough.

We got a room in Uruapan then went down to the main plaza in the evening to watch all the activity, check out the churches, and get a bite to eat.

In the morning we went to the National Park before going back to Zihuatanejo. On the way back we stopped at "Lupita's Oasis In The Desert" for lunch and still got back to Zihuatanejo by about 3:00 in the afternoon.

I stopped at Lupita's for breakfast on an earlier trip and thought the breakfast was much better than the lunch. Both were good, though.

So, I guess, to sum it up, visiting both in a 2-day trip is reasonable. The trip from Troncones should be even shorter, maybe 3 hours each way.

Enjoy your trip!

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