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since I havent got off my butt to do my trip report. This was Daniel's (the animal whisperer) gecko up in Troncones at Inn at Manzanillo Bay. He hung out on Daniel morning, noon and night. This image is taken on Daniel's knee. As for the Iguana, actually he (or his offspring) DID show fear. One night, about 2:30 AM we had an Iguana invasion in our palapa. He was skittering up and down the beams over our bed and after shooing him back and forth about 20 times with a newspaper my husband finally gave up and went up to the Inn's closed kitchen and borrowed some Windex. The poor creature almost lost his grip several times and came awfully close to dropping on me and the bed. About this time, remembering that Iguanas bite, I pulled on some clothes and yelping loudly jumped outside to the patio. A few seconds later the Iguana was escorted out our door by my Windex armed hero, Gerry. The Iguana squirted off in the direction of Daniel and Gecko's palapa. Needless to say, Im off Palapas for awhile. Daniel is still cool on Geckos though...


PS Gerry informed me he is putting a spray bottle on our packing list next time. (THIS is why we dont ever have just one bag)

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