Trip Report Day 4-8

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Escrito por Sean O'D desde ( el día viernes, 30 de marzo, 2007 a las 14:36:29 horas :

Day 4 (Sat)
Wedding day! Just hung out on La Ropa for most of the day on the beach and took it easy. Great sunset ceremony at the Hotel Don Fransisco on La Ropa about 35 total people and onto music and reception. Afterwards just went back to villa and went to bed.

Day 5 (Sun)
Four people in our group left for home so the rest of us hiked over to Las Gatas which was a fun time. We would have taken a panga but our walk down from our villa came down right on the road towards Las Gatas. We went to Otilia's (thanks to the many on the board that recommended it) and Iban "the terrible" (as he referred to himself) took care of us the entire day he was great! Some snorkeled most just pulled chairs into the water and did our best to relax and finally wind down from the days preceding. Saw a puffer fish or blow fish I don't know the differance but it was exciting.

After a full day at Las Gatas we hiked back over the rocks and showered and changed for our night at the basketball courts. This was a lot more enjoyable than I expected although I did not get to spend a ton of time there (others were hungry so I said I would meet them) I did get to have a hamburger (awesome) and chat with some local people. After catching up with the group and their dinner we kicked around a little longer and went home.

Day 6 (Mon)
The bride and groom rented a car and we drove to Troncones for a day of surfing. This was a great day! We took the drive and stopped in at the Manzanillo Inn because they had a surf shop we could rent boards in, we also ate lunch there which was fantastic. The place itself is the ultimate in relaxation with little bungalows surrounding a pool. We were told to drive about 2km North to Majahua(sp?) and parked right next to the beach. The whole time we were there we saw 8 other people and had miles of beach to ourselves. We surfed until sunset and packed up to head back to Zihua. On the ride home we had to go through 2 checkpoints and got waved through. We were so hungry after the day of surfing we stopped in Ixtapa for dinner at some Italian place (not my choice) on the side of a courtyard, but it was pretty good food. Then back to Zihua and to bed.

Day 7
We all decided this would be a beach day and it was we hung out on La Ropa most the day and the pool. Not much excitement but fun. I had heard that Kau Kan was a great place to have a romantic dinner and my girlfriend and I decided to go there. We didn't have a reservation but they sat us which we appreciated. Unreal sunset and view, all candle lit after dark, it was great. I had the stuffed potato and was one of the best meals I had ever had in my life! We decided in the states it easily would have been $70-$80 and it was 340 pesos! Well worth it! We walked home on La Ropa and made the hike up to the villa and turned it in.

Day 8
Uneventful. Got to the airport and flew home.

Zihuatanejo has quickly become my favorite place in Mexico. I have been other places and have not enjoyed them near as much. Since partying no longer is a priority it was nice to be relaxed in a place and interact with those of another culture. I may have had an easier go at it due to my Spanish being passable in conversation and I always found that if I had mispronounced or asked how to say something people around me would always help. My parents are extremely excited to go there after hearing my review and I am excited to go back. It is the only vacation destination in Mexico that I would return to. I agree with many postings on this board with use common sense when traveling and it will keep you out of trouble. I felt not less safe here than in Denver...Above all be friendly and polite as I have just met some of the friendliest and most polite people around!

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