Just Returned & The Party

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Escrito por Grace from MI desde (d14-69-204-242.try.wideopenwest.com) el día lunes, 02 de abril, 2007 a las 17:49:37 horas :

Santos and I got back yesterday from 9 wonderful days in Zihua/Acapulco (except for the earthquake tremor thing last Friday night in Acapulco!). It was a wonderful adventurous trip for us. We definitely fell in love with Zihua and plan to return . . as soon as possible! Thanks to everyone on this board for all your helpful information - it really helped make our trip extra special.

We really enjoyed meeting and getting to know everyone at the get-together. What a great group of friendly, interesting people. Great conversation and lots of laughs too!

A special thank you to Celso (aka "ZPlayboy") for being so nice and making our stay at Catalina perfect . . . we'll be in touch . . . and we'll be back.

After I settle into my real world here in Michigan, I'll try to post a trip report. I have some pics to share too.

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