First full day in Morelia

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Escrito por El Tacaņo desde ( el día lunes, 02 de abril, 2007 a las 19:34:38 horas :

Up at 7:00. Breakfast in, then off to the Plaza where the cathedral spires seem to touch the heavens hanging out with the other old guys before doing a bit of shopping for basics. Back home to drop off my purchases closing the door to my bedroom hearing a click like a lock engaging. I was locked out of my bedroom! No key. Managed to track down my Landlord who sent a locksmith to repair as no key available.
As I had seen mostly just the Plaza, museums & zoo on my short trip last year I headed off in the opposite direction coming to the end of that architecturally magnificent ancient Aqueduct climbing to the top to see it close up. Then a visit to Calle de Romantico a bit sad without my bride but I had lunch near it's entrance at a outdoor Cafe (2 tacos bisteack w/all the trimmings & coka for 22 pesos) before walking the "Procession Calle" used for many religious events ending at Morelos Plaza with it's huge & impresive statute of Jose. Did my good deed by snapping a photo for two young gay lovers from Madrid the only men I saw in shorts all day but it was a very warm if mostly overcast day. Then wandering through parks, by fountains & several mansion's grounds which are now museos but closed on Mondays. Somehow ending up a block from my casa without aid of my mapa. I'm wore out being a old gordo & walking around 6 miles at this altitude is about my limit. Going to stay in & watch Baseball tonight.

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