Trip Report Day 6-7

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Escrito por Sharon MN desde ( el día martes, 03 de abril, 2007 a las 22:30:06 horas :

After our last wonderful breakfast of fresh squeezed orange juice, fruit platter, chilaquiles and bacon at Sotavento we rented a catamaran and Anne sailed us around the entire bay and a bit into the open ocean. It was beautiful, thrilling and at times scary since we had only ever been on a tiny sunfish sailboat on small lakes in MN without any waves. We were cruising very fast at times with large waves but she did very well with navigation and we had fun. The price was a bargain 300 pesos for an hour.
After our sailing adventure we checked out and went to La Barra for two days at La Casa del Encanto with Laura. It was great and a very different experience compared to Zihua.
We ate at La Condesa and comer al pueblo at neighbor's houses who had set up restaurants at night much like our lemonade stands as kids. The food was all very good and especially Laura's breakfast. We toured the laguna and swam in the ocean, relaxed, walked throughout the area and had fun watching the villagers from our front porch hammock as they started their day going to work and school and later ending their day. We recommend La Barra and staying with Laura, her place truly is enchanting and La Barra allowed us to experience an authentic Mexican village. Hopefully there will not be any development to forever change the special ambiance there. The countryside getting there was very picturesque with mountains, rolling hills, grazing animals, orchards and lots of flowers.
While we were in La Barra there was a dead baby whale that came ashore. It created quite a spectacle, the whole town went to see it including us.
After a fast 7 days our trip was over. We are now left with wonderful memories and dreaming about our next visit. I did read Gringos in Paradise and really have the bug (muchas ganas) to retire in Z but I have to work many more years to be able to do that. I also read The Secret and I know all I have to do is envision it and it will happen. : )
Thank you everyone for all your great posts and discussions. I discovered this message board two and a half years ago and have been a silent lurker ever since but not much of a contributor. After our first trip I could not stop reading the board, my family was incredulous that I was reading about Z in the middle of the summer when we had perfect, warm weather in MN. We had been to Z in March when it was understandable to seek out warmer weather but I have the Z bug and continue to want to know what is happening there daily just like many of you, my kindred spirits.

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