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Escrito por mary bleyaert desde (cache-rtc-ae15.proxy.aol.com) el día jueves, 05 de abril, 2007 a las 18:38:03 horas :

After staying 4 nights at Villa Mexicana we were upset at the thought of moving to Dorita Pacifico in Ixtapa as everyone had a real passion for Villa Mexicana and hated Ixtapa
I must say I was surprised to find how many good places to eat were across the street and how good the tourist markets were in Ixtapa It was nice not to always have to take a cab into town. The beach and the waves and sunsets were amazing!!!!! I was glad we split our week. Ixtapa is not at all like Miami beach and it is set with hills around the stretch of beach so its also not at all like Cancun.
I must admit though I did like the feeling that comes from not feeling like a tourist at the Villa Mexicana. The "just hanging out" feeling ---that comes from staying at a small place can't be beat for us. However the atrium and all the pools and view from the room at Pacifica were also amazing. Im glad we split the week

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