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After our first trip to Zihua last March we decided that we had to return. We are back from our second trip on the 31st of March. I read this board often and have gleaned so much information I think I should share some of our trip.

Who traveled: Two couples from Oregon
Where we stayed: Casa Que Ve Al Mar—“A View of the Sea”. This was fabulous. Staff is friendly and very helpful. We met the nicest people. If climbing a hill is difficult, do not consider this unless you use a taxi all of the time. We really liked the exercise though. We walked to town on several days. Only a couple of hills to climb.
Excursions: We took the bus to Petatlan. What an experience to remember. We had planned to stop at Barra on the way back, but lunch and wandering around seemed like enough travel for the day. The schoolgirls riding with us in the back seat were delightful as they laughed when the bus went faster. I am sure because I looked frightened. (We exchanged many smiles!) We also went again to Isla Ixtapa. This time we took the bus. Even though we had directions, we went to several places to catch it. The Zihua people helped us out ALL of the time. (On our trip to Petatlan, a nice young mom helped correct our bus fare! Without any English!)
One highlight was the Picante sunset Cruise. It was a wonderful evening and a beautiful sunset. The crew works extremely hard to make it a nice evening. We loved it! Even the guys getting to dance on the way back!
Meals: The food in this town is amazing. We tried to eat only at places where we hadn’t eaten last year. This was not hard. In random order and thought:
Il Mare: Very romantic. Great food. Good service
Sanka Grill: Best deal: Combination Platter…delicious down to the last bite.
La Gula: This one all four us rated as the BEST meal we had. There was so much attention to detail, and we felt we could have been in the most fancy place on earth. But we were glad we were in Zihua. Do not miss this place.
Salvadors: Excellent breakfast and the best chilaquiles. I would like to watch how they are made.
Casa Café: Another wonderful breakfast.
Los Braseros: Great as always-- mid-afternoon snack
Jarachos: Excellent dinner. Live music made it more special.
Elviras: Food was okay. But, feet in the sand was the best on our first night!
Kau Kan: Very good food. Expensive. View fantastic. Excellent service.
MJ Richies: Very good fish tacos
La Malibu: Just a small local spot. We had breakfast and it was truly authentic. No English spoken and the hottest green chili in the world appeared in the eggs! Also some sauce covered scrambled eggs. It made for a memorable meal.
Drinks: Not many places disappointing.
La Cala: Excellent margarita
Las Brisas La Madera Bar: The best Sangria!!!
Sadly we had to return home. It is very hard to imagine not going back for a third time. It is hard to not relax here. It is also just so easy to go with the flow of life and do what seems right for day without overplanning. Those of you coming… Have a time of your life. Lucky you!

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