Fishing Report-Whiskey II and Vamonos II, Hotel Irma

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We fished two days on the Whiskey II and one day on Vamonos II the week of March 17 to 24, 2007, an admittedly slow week of fishing for everyone.

Day one on the Whiskey II had Carlos and Jose filling in for Pepino. They worked hard, caught bait early, and we missed one fish, but didn't hook up. Carlos speaks english and makes ceviche' very well.

Day two had Pepino at the helm with Jose. They worked very hard, but didn't hook any billfish. We saw two marlin, but no hook-up. The Whiskey II is a nice boat, but starting to show its age. The equipment is all Penn and well cared for. Baits were changed, but the speed was kept pretty constant, and fast. We were out first both mornings by 630am, and in blue water early. Pepino gave us the hours and the effort, and I'd book them again.

Rene and Mario on the Vamonos II were our last day fishing. Both worked very hard as well, leaving by 630am, catching bait, and finding the blue water early. We saw two marlin at the surface, but didn't hook up. Fortunately, we were able to hook up later with two striped marlin on a double for our sons, their first billfish, which made the entire trip worthwhile.

The Vamonos is a Bertram, and was in excellent condition and very clean. The equipment was first-rate as well. They stock water and drinks, unlike the Whiskey II, and did vary the speed at the blue water.

Both boats are a solid bet. The Vamonos II was a little less expensive than the Whiskey II, but I booked them at the pier with Margarito, while I booked the Whiskey from here in Minnesota. I didn't negotiate with either anyway, as it is so inexpensive in Zihuatanejo compared with Cabo, or anywhere else, for that matter. We tipped $100 each day/boat for their effort.

We stayed at the Hotel Irma, which remains the best kept secret. I hadn't been there for 14 years, and it remains the same, if not cleaner and updated.

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