Troncones report 4/3 - 4/10

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Escrito por Scott W desde ( el día miércoles, 11 de abril, 2007 a las 23:39:19 horas :

Surf's Up?.......Hell Yeah It Is!
Just got back from a week at Troncones and we definitely had some decent waves, 5'-8', the whole time and ending with the arrival of this new swell, (I think from New Zealand?). We ate dinner at the Present Moment Inn,(great food and ambiance, but I think I smelled...Patchoulli!)Tuesday evening and sat on the edge of the beach awestruck as massive, earth shattering 15+' sets pounded the beach. It's a pissed off planet, baby!
My kids,(and me too),fell in love with The Inn at Manzanillo Bay. Just a few very cool thatch bungalows, open kitchen and dining around tropical pool with surf view. Great Vibe,food and drink. Trust me, you'd HATE IT. There's bugs and snakes and surfers! Don't ever go there. (We want bungalow 3. like,forever dude!)
Fished on Thursday from Majahua with Ramon for NADA (skipjack don't count). Stayed inshore trolled for sierra, Jacks or maybe a roosterfish, but big surf kept us out a little far. I heard that blue water and dorado/ marlin were 15-25 miles offshore and tuna 35+. Too long a panga ride with three boys biting the bit to go surf. Live bait/ sardinas would have helped a lot but were unavailable. Always ask your panguero if there's live bait (it really helps), how much gas he takes( for long runs to the fish), how long you'll actually go for (some come back in after a couple of hours, "sorry senor,nothing was biting") But there was a full moon, so that explained the crappy catching, but the fishing wasn't too bad. Would a liked to come back with at least a fat Sierra for the kitchen to grill for dinner, but that will have to be next year.
Had to move down the beach a few yards to Eden Hacienda for a few days and, Damn! fell in love with that place too. (They got AC+a mini fridge) Their individual bungalows on the sand are totally romantic and where I shoulda gone for our honeymoon 20 years ago instead of Vegas. We'd probably still be married. (Yeah, right)
My son,13 and daughter,15 grooved on the little fishing village, Majahua nad remarked/appreciated that it was a whole universe and only 30 minutes from Ixtapa/Coney. What a wacky world, eh? Same as Cabo/La Playita or Puerto Vallarta/Punta Mita etc. etc. "Pave paradise and put up a parking lot"( with lots of Corona signs)
Surfed Saladita for two days and had a great time being a US tourist on a primarily Mexico tourist beach. Some gringos are surprised to see Mexicans take vacations too, and Semana Santa holiday brings the throngs to the seaside to imbibe,lounge,cavort,and generally bask in their good fortune. Aye, Caramba!
Spent the last afternoon before the 5:00airport doing the sunburned, dazed, "crudo" tourist thing in Zihuatanejo down by the pier getting gifts and squandering our hard spent pesos on beers&rellenos at Bandidos. Eventually convinced my daughter to "haggle" a price down on a blanket vendor for some breadpreads from $25 each to 2 for $28. She was happy, he was happy(sort of),I was broke. But wait! found another wet 100 pesos in the back pocket and got a Luche Libre wrestling mask for my son. The Blue Demon lives in Malibu!(whoda guessed?) He better not snatch anybody's purse with that thing on. Wanted to run down to Barra De Potosi and check it out but ran out of time. Que Lastima!
Big love to all who smiled and pointed us in the right direction, Gleefully took our paltry offerings, helped us inflate our tire, and ran at our beck and call with cold beverages down the scorching sand. Again and again.
-Scott, Daisy, Jackson

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