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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 14 de abril, 2007 a las 04:21:57 horas :

En respuesta a: Capricho del Rey...for Laura escrito por Ann in CA desde ( el día martes, 10 de abril, 2007 a las 17:59:11 horas :

Maybe it'll appear when you least expect it... some trigger will inspire unexpectedly! I love story hour and there are endless stories around much more to tell.

Did I mention that the Coronel used to keep 5 different uniforms from 5 different countries in his closet? (Let your imaginations run wild) That came from a woman who worked as a maid for him. Oh, by the way, he wasn't really a Coronel having never served in a real army.

When the Coronel left El Capricho del Rey by court order, he had his henchmen pour concrete down the drains and smash the beautiful tiles with sledghammers. Sour Grapes. He's in jail now I hear. (Not for smashing the tiles at El Capricho del Rey) More to come...

Hasta pronto,

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