Turtle Sighting

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Escrito por Karen desde (c-24-118-137-228.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) el día domingo, 15 de abril, 2007 a las 00:13:15 horas :

On either April 4th or 5th ... a large turtle layed eggs near the volleyball net on the beach in front of the Krystal. Just 2 nights before, it had crawled up on the beach late ... probably 1:00 a.m. -- my daughter had called me from the house phone (I was in bed) .. but I was too lazy to get back up and see it (I regret this).
Anyway, on this night, I also missed the actual turtle and the egg laying .. but it was interesting anyway .. again, it was quite late, so just a small crowd on the beach ... apparently all the security guards at the hotels are trained in 'turtle egg' removal .. since they would not survive in front of these hotels .. he dug them all out of the sand carefully, there were half a large bucket full ... I did see the eggs .. anyway, I guess they are taken somewhere .. a 'turtle farm' or something, so the eggs can hatch.

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