Our Wedding On La Ropa Beach

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Escrito por Kenny Fasel desde (c-67-176-235-215.hsd1.il.comcast.net) el día domingo, 15 de abril, 2007 a las 13:12:23 horas :

I just wanted to post a message about our wedding on La Ropa Beach, Feb.24th 2007.
It was wonderful,beautiful and breathtaking, on our wedding day.
Margaret and I were married on La Ropa Beach, just outside of our hotel (VILLA MEXICANA)
Everything was perfect!!!!!
We can't say enough about our wedding planner, Isabel Pais, she was extremely wonderful, and she made our wedding PERFECT!
Our hotel, Villa Mexicana,and their staff were just great as usual! (especially Elizabeth)
Between Villa Mexicana,Isabel Pais,Elizabeth, and our family and friends, it all made our wedding in paradise a dream come true!
We will be back year after year "God willing" and we highly recommend Isabel Pais as your wedding planner,if anyone is considering a beach wedding in Zihuat!
We had our wedding on the beach,cocktails at the beautiful outdoor lounge at Villa Mexicana.
Then we had our reception dinner at Caprichos in downtown Zihuat.
And if that was not enough, we all filed in to LA PLAYA Cantina for more drinks after dinner!
And also,for anyone who didn't know,La Playa Cantina also has added The Captains Daughter restaurant upstairs!
The fun and games were just starting at La Playa Cantina after the wedding, Tonya and Kenny, are the owners of La Playa and The Captains Daughter restaurant in downtown Zihuat.
When we all filed in for drinks,they had a MEXICAN WEDDING RECEPTION for Margaret and I.
Oh, by the way, Tonya and Kenny are also friends of ours..Tonya is the one who highly recommended Isabel as our wedding planner last year in 06 when we were in Zihuat!
Well, thats it for now, we wish it was February right now, We miss our home away from home!

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