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Escrito por chouse desde ( el día sábado, 28 de abril, 2007 a las 14:57:07 horas :

Just back from 9 days in Ixtapa/Zihua. Must say this year was even better than last year . We did stay again at the barcelo and were there on the day of the unfortunate drowining, people are people and common sense goes a long way wherever you are. Our days in Zihua, yes another dress purchase from Lupita's and our glassware from Rosimar were wondeful. One of the best days we have had there in the last 2 years was our day at Rossy"s on LaRopa. Great folk, good food, wonderful view, ideal day. Isla Ixtapa always nice, Coral beach very quiet and great time. Playa Linda reconnecting with our friend Alonzo at La Palaypa, getting caught up on the last year, hearing of his upcoming wedding, so nice to meet old friends. Busses again a great way to get around and good honest cabbies when you need them.
In all our travels this is the one place we just can't get enough of........the Municipal mercado in Zihua, the neighborhoods, the people, Franks in Ixtapa, the great staff we know and love at the Barcelo, friends for years. Thanks to all who share safe, be smart and enjoy what the area has to offer, it is a wondeful place to be and we will be back again and again.

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