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Escrito por SF guy desde ( el día sábado, 28 de abril, 2007 a las 21:38:35 horas :

hola fellow z lovers.

the wife and i just got back from 11 fabulous days in our favorite vacation spot. so, without further ado, the report.

4/14-4/21 troncones:

stayed at the inn at manzanillo bay for the 2nd time. sitting on that point watching the sun go down with a beer in my hand is probably my most favorite thing to do in the world. this year we were joined by our good friends and their 3 year old daughter. for 7 days we surfed our brains out at the ranch, a-frames, saladita, and the point out front of the IAMB. we were fortunate in many ways:

1. we got a great swell
2. the forecast said partly cloudy, but the sun was high and bright everyday.
3. we met some fantastic people at the IAMB - folks we ended up calling friends, and hope to see again in the future.

meals we enjoyed at eden (quite a few there - christian is still kicking butt in the kitchen), diegos (a really super spicy fish dish), the IAMB, and an excursion to the burro boracho.

i've said it before and i'll say it again - mike, winn, randall and the staff at the IAMB are awesome - thanks you guys for such a great week.

on the 21st, we said goodbye to our friends, (they had to head back to portland) and we hitched a ride with a great couple who were heading into zihua that day. our destination: a new one for us - the villa carolina.

wow. what a place. miguel met us at the door, and proceeded to show us to our enormous room - one of the master suites. holy cow, for the money, this is a great deal. i've stayed in a lot of nice rooms in zihua (casa que canta, villa vera, etc) but this one was the best. tim, you've done a great job there buddy.

while in zihua, we made a trip to the above mentioned villa vera. (we were married there, by the pool, two years ago) it's still an amazing spot. my wife and i had a margarita, and remembered our beautiful ceremony.

food in zihua:

dos braseros - pretty decent tacos and cheap. tamoles y any - always good. suzys for breakfast. and two "treat ourselves right" dinners - we had perhaps the best meal of our lives at the villa del sol. thanks adan - the lobster and home made tortillas were out of this world. we also tried amuleto - great view, a tad pricey for what you get, and the service was, well, slow.

a highlight: we tracked down the concierge from our wedding. gilberto is now working at the sotovento. we walked in, surprized him, and started talking. well, as it turns out, the next day was his day off and he was going fishing. but not just on any old panga - on one of the 26 foot cabin cruisers that cost 4-500 bucks a trip. and what did he do? he invited us to go with him for free! wow, what a cool experience. we went out 25 miles, and i ended up catching a 100lb sail fish. if you ever run into gilberto, make friends with this man. he is such a sweet guy, and i look forward to continuing our friendship for years to come.

other mentionables: we rented a car and drove south one day stopping at barra de potosi and petatlan. barra was absolutely georgous - i could see moving there in a heartbeat - in fact, we might stay there next time. any reccos from anyone? petatlan was ok - we did have perhaps the best street tacos i have ever had in my 100 plus trips to mexico.

anyway, after 4 days in z it was time to leave and begin the countdown till our next trip down. i know i skimmed quit a bit here - if anyone wants any details, please send a note - i'd be happy to fill in where i can. oh, and thanks for a great site rob - it really is an invaluable resource for new visitors to zihua, and for the experienced ones as well.

take care. love life. and abrazos to all.


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