Trip May 11 - 18

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Escrito por Darla in Texas desde (?) el día sábado, 19 de mayo, 2007 a las 15:34:20 horas :

Several weeks before our latest trip to Zihua, I became a loyal follower of Rob's message board. I guess now I'm hooked. Just wanted to share some of our trip with you guys. On prior visits to Ixtapa, we pretty much stuck with the usual beach scene. This trip, we opted to get a real feel for the people and the culture of Zihua and the surrounding area. If you go to Ixtapa and never leave your comfort zone, you have really missed out. We were lucky to meet a local (Omar) who offered to show us around. He rented a van and took us to Troncones, Barra de Potosi and Petatlan as well as a few other stops along the way. We went to the merchants market and the Catholic church in Petatlan. Visited some families that he knew and felt very fortunate to be exposed to their culture. We visited the basketball courts in Zihua Sunday evening and just thoroughly enjoyed the kids and their parents. Omar was fairly fluent in English and just talked to us very candidly about the issues they face as far as education, medical care, law enforcement, etc. Everything he told us coincided with what Rob has communicated through his message board. I guess what I wanted to communicate is what a wonderful experience we had meeting the people and seeing how life really is there. If you go, please take the same opportunity. We came back with a heart for the people and a real desire to do everything we can to help someone else. Not only that, we came back to open our local newspaper and see that within 45 miles of home, two local law enforcements were shot (one fatally) when answering a domestic disturbance call, a man within a few blocks of our house arrested after the police found over 600 marijuana plants growing in his house and a local college students body was found wrapped in a blanket at a construction site after being murdered by a known drug dealer. Bad things happen everywhere. I don't know enough to comment about the lack of law enforcement etc. in Zihua. I do know that we love the people of Zihua and found that we have much more in common with them than we thought. What an extraordinary cultural experience we had! We plan to contact your Mother, Rob, re: purchasing property in your area. After we returned to Ixtapa from our trip with Omar, we were privileged to meet his wife and daughter. He offered to take us to the airport the next day rather than us taking a taxi. We came home feeling fortunate that we have made a friend and have set our sights on relocating one day.I'm not sure if it is OK to "plug" someone on the board without clearing it first. But if it is, I would be more than happy to share Omar's contact information with anyone interested. He provided us with an experience that won't soon be forgotten. We eagerly look forward to November when we'll be coming back!

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