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Escrito por ludlow desde ( el día martes, 05 de junio, 2007 a las 00:10:03 horas :

En respuesta a: Scuba diving w/Aqua Paradise...unless escrito por bilznut desde ( el día lunes, 04 de junio, 2007 a las 22:58:05 horas :

We were in Zihua from 5/19 to 6/2. During our entire stay there was a severe red tide. The water was very murky. We attempted two days of diving. On one day we made one dive at the cove by the lighthouse in Zihua. The visibility was 25 to 30 feet. On the second trip, we visited four or five dive sites in the area and the water was too cloudy to dive.

I have dived in Zihua on one previous trip before this one. I have gone with Carlo Scuba which is located on Las Gatos. The owner and dive master is Thierry. He is excellent. Carlo Scuba has been in operation for over 30 years. Thierry told us that the Ixtapa/Zihua area can only support 3 or 4 dive shops and no one makes alot of money. I have found Thierry to be very reasonable. For example on the day we visited the 4 or 5 dive sites over probably a 10 mile area, Thierry told us that diving would not be worthwhile and he didn't charge us anything for the day. I have read positive reports on this board about Aqua Paradise.

I don't have enough experience to recommend any specific sites. For your sake, I hope the red tide has dissipated for your visit and you will be able to dive. According to Thierry, the length and timing of the current red tide is very unusual.

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