Catalina Trip Report

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Escrito por Micheal and Peggy desde ( el día sábado, 16 de junio, 2007 a las 10:08:48 horas :

We just got back from 7 wonderful days at the Catalina. I'd like to thank everyone on the board for their insight, especially Curly who sent me a personal note on the Catalina. We got there on June 7th after a long and very early morning flight out of St. Louis. After an easy check in we quickly went to the restaurant for some cervesas and chips, guacamole and pico de gallo (sp?) which really hit the spot!!! We quickly switched into swimsuits and made our first trek down the stairs to the beautiful beach. From that point on our daily routine was set. The Catalina was great. Beautiful views, wonderful staff, great beach, what more could you ask for.

Highlights of our trip: Mornings on the balcony, days on the beach, barefoot restaurants on the beach at sunset. Twice during the week Catalina staff dug up turtle eggs (91 one time and 101 the next) and moved them to the little turtle egg sanctuary. We just wish we could be there 45 days from now when the hatch. We went into town twice. Sunday we went for the festival at the basketball court and had the most delicious and inexpensive tacos from one of the street vendors (30 pesos for six tacos!) Tuesday we headed back to town for dinneer at Tamale Anys. Wow! The hominy soup (pozo something) was outstanding and the 3 different tamales that we ordered were too (and they were so big we couldn't quite finish them all-wish we had them now to finish!) We took a sail around the bay with Juan (a real cutie!) and went snorkeling and fishing with Kenny on Moses' boat, Goyita. There was a little red tide when we got there but it got less each day and never kept us out of the water. All of the beach restaurants were good. We had Chilis Rellnos at La Perla on Wednesday and Patys right next door to the Catalina had great huevos rancheros for breakfast and tacos and enchiladas for lunch. I had my birthday while we were there and Micheal arranged a private beach dinner with the Catalina staff as a surprise for me. The food was great and we had a beautiful sunset as we ate and enjoyed the ocean waves. We could go on and on about not only how wonderful the Catalina was but also La Ropa itself. We've been to lots of parts of Mexico and have now found a new favorite. We're already planning a return trip. Thanks again for all the helpful tips. Micheal and Peggy

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