Trip Report Day 1

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Escrito por desde ( el día sábado, 23 de junio, 2007 a las 15:56:41 horas :

Admiral drove me to Winslow, took ferry to Seattle and cab to airport. Buses 174 and 194 go to airport also but I was tired. Wife (the Admiral) gave me 3 weeks off as I haven't had any time off for 18 months, a variety of reasons. So off by myself to La Barra.

Anyway, stayed at USO at SEATAC on Thurs night (a bennie for us ORFs-Old Reired Farts). Out 6 am on Fri morning. No complications, changed planes in LA and in ZIH at 4:09 as scheduled. Met by friend Otto and drive on beach road to La Barra. Staying at Nayito's on Lot 60b. Supposed to be rainy season and sure enough many clouds and thunder but no rain. Actually seems quite comfortable to me but humid. Warmer today, not as many clouds. Good ocean breeze. Dinner last night at Bris Mar, Cameron a la Plancha, delicious, hmmm! Unpacking, reading, sleeping today. May drift down to Enramadas-or maybe not.

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