My Zihua, Barra de Potosi, and Troncones pics

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Escrito por judi in OKlahoma desde (?) el día lunes, 25 de junio, 2007 a las 18:51:36 horas :

Boy I sure hope this works. I'm on dial-up way out here in the country and these have taken me over 30 hours to upload!
Now I need a nap.
It's pics of 4 past trips. I have tons more but I always like pictures with people in them...and food! So enjoy...

Oh wait! Before you look I have to say, shallow and vain that I am, I have since lost 17lbs, toned up, and next trip this August, at 53, I'm back in a bikini!...I think.
Jeff has lost 26lbs. And my friend Teresa, well, she's still a tiny little thing.

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