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Escrito por gringo viejo desde ( el día domingo, 08 de julio, 2007 a las 10:59:39 horas :

Caleta de Campos N. of Lazaro Cardenas. Forget my spelling skills in this msg. Left Wed at 12:30 in Hertz rental car with O and A. as O's car was tits up. North on 200 all the way, 180 km. There was a bypass for Guaycamas but we missed it so drove thru that town. Enjoyable drive, failed to make right turn just past the Lazaro C. airport so ended up driving thru Lazaro C. to the port area. Was advised instead of backtracking thru Lazaro we could take a cut off up the beach highway to Playa Azul and turn to reconnect with Hiway 200. Good advice, the road was superb and got a nice tour of that area. Arrived at Hotel Yuritzi in Caleta de Campos at 4:40 p.m., single 450 MX; double 550 MX; both with air con. and a view.
Caleta de Campos is a delightful unspoiled town with a main street about five blocks long with anything you can want, many stores and well stocked. Not crowded, unhurried atmosphere without a hint of Gringo tourism. Didn't find anyone to speak English. No bank in town and internet access is doubtful at this time. Beautiful town square and church.
There is a beach with a lot of local surfers in small surf and a lot of fisherman coming and going all day.
About six enramadas with typical fare. Spent Thursday lounging there. Friday spent all day at Nexpa, a true surfers beach with gringo surfer cabanas (with bath). They too are hurting for water as there has been no rain and the river and wells have dried up. We really enjoyed our day there. Drove back on Saturday, took the correct turnoffs all the way and 3 hrs flat from Hotel to Commericlal in Z.
Oh, did I mention, I committed to a beach house in Caleta for two months next January. It is a wonderful unspoiled town and I feel somewhat guilty reporting about it in this post as I few publicity can be harmful. However, due to the locat1on it is certainly not for everyone. I wouldn't want to stay there if coming down for one week or if I was unsure about surviving in a non-english speaking community.

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