Jul 7 -14 trip report

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Escrito por Craig aka the cruise ship guy desde (adsl-70-137-197-41.dsl.frs2ca.sbcglobal.net) el día miércoles, 25 de julio, 2007 a las 01:49:07 horas :

Had another great stay at Wolfgang's. Did not do too much of anything new except a tropical storm and a small earthquake. Our first night we went out to Rufo's BBQ on Calle Adelita, all of us had the fresh tuna which was good but not the largest portion. The next morning I was up early and ran from the canal at Plaza Kyoto to the sand at La Perla made it in 12 minutes each way with a 10 minute beach walk in between. Not being a runner, I paid the price the next day. Running down the hill was very hard on my legs not like a nice smooth gym machine. I'll do a little training before I attempt this next trip.

We were very lazy this trip and did not do the school supply thing. Instead we went to the Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Zihuatanejo. Not a lot there but making a nice effort and could use some more donations.

We to Il Mare for dinner one night and was very pleased. Great view, nice food and very reasonable price for this type of restaurant. I do not bring slacks to Zihua but felt very comfortable here.

Went to Otilia's at Las Gatas, wife had lobster taco's and was very happy with them. Tried Viva Mexico and Margaritas for breakfast and was very happy with them along with Dona Licha as usual.

One thing that I did notice with Wolfgang is that after the storm he was cleaning up the mud in front of his place the next morning. No other place did this in the next 4 or so days and it got dusty with all the traffic. If there is a problem Wolfgang is allways right on it.

We did one trip to La Barra de Potosi and one trip to Dorado Pacifico which were both crowded with Mexican tourist a little different from our last trip in November. I did enjoy being around a lot younger crowd during this time of year. The view was much nicer.

We did not remember to take our camera out most of the time but did post a few new pics. One of them being a smashed car from a mud slide after the storm on the road to Playa Madera.

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