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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día jueves, 09 de agosto, 2007 a las 14:11:29 horas :

En respuesta a: Some 'splaining to do escrito por Phil in Toronto desde ( el día jueves, 09 de agosto, 2007 a las 10:59:17 horas :

Phil, I'm not going to solicit funds from you, pat myself on the back, ask you to be a member of my club, or tell you what wonderful work has been done to save our bay, since everyone here has dropped the ball over the years except when it came down to the nitty gritty, then the community has managed to stand up for itself like it is doing once again. The bay is in deplorable shape and hardly anything has been done over the past couple of decades to preserve it or protect it. It has been in one long slow decline since I arrived here in '89 when syringes were washing up on the beach along with other trash. Eighteen years later we still have no trash receptacles on the beaches and woefully inadequate public restrooms, if you can even find them. But now the bay is never as clear as it used to get, and the sea life that lives here has been dying off from overfishing (as in the case of oysters, octopus, red clams, lobster, and limpets) as well as from the pollution and silting in.

As you know, the jetty at Puerto Mío was the writing on the wall over 15 years ago that SOMEONE wanted to build a pier in the bay. Everyone opposed it, but bigger powers (aka public servants at the federal level and influential people with tons of money to grease palms and wheels) have protected it so far, and there it sits blocking the natural currents of our bay that used to keep the bay clean, and by blocking those currents it has contributed heavily to the silting in of the bay; though our allowing squatters to denude hillsides and the ensuing erosion coupled with woefully inadequate, outdated and mostly non-functional wastewater treatment plants and other clandestine wastewater drainages into the bay has also compounded the silting in and pollution problem. Although the previous mayor made the campaign promise to remove the jetty "stone by stone" (he also said "not one squatter more"), he later renegged on his promise claiming that he had been lied to about its legal status by certain ecological "grupitos": the same folks who backed him during his campaign.

One of the alleged backers and facilitators of the original pier project appears to be one of the current owners of part of the Puerto Mío development who was also a high level federal official with FONATUR for many years. Public perception is that he allegedly used his position of influence to promote the original pier project, and possibly is continuing to do so, though that is all speculation since details about the project continue to remain clouded in secrecy and our Mexican version of the Freedom of Information Act has only run into stone walls, with the info we seek apparently being labeled as "classified". A former F1 race car driver may allegedly be another backer, but he and the former federal official appear to be part of a larger investment consortium.

But I believe as always the easiest way to determine the responsible parties is to follow the money. Who benefits besides some mid- and low-level functionaries who are probably receiving kickbacks for "processing" permits and other paperwork?

As you may know, there is a "grand plan" to develop the entire Costa Grande all the way from Ixtapa to Acapulco and turn all the fishermen and farmers into resort hotel workers, waiters and servants. Towns like Barra de Potosí will be literally erased and rebuilt so that developers can make fortunes. It is also worth mentioning that our current governor is one such developer. Can you say "conflict of interest"? How about "unscrupulous rascals"? Sure, thought ya could. It seems we have no shortage of them here. >;~)

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