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Escrito por Bobbie desde ( el día viernes, 10 de agosto, 2007 a las 19:49:58 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Pier article escrito por sam desde ( el día viernes, 10 de agosto, 2007 a las 10:54:56 horas :

Four years ago I sailed into Zihua Bay on Holland America which is one of the smaller cruiseships and leaves Zihua to the "locals" by 2 pm. Like many I fell in love with Zihua during my brief visit and my husband and I have returned every fall for 5-6 weeks to enjoy the relative tranquility of such a friendly and beautiful place.

Like many "local tourists" we check the cruiseship schedule and avoid downtown Zihua on cruiseship days. And that has worked well. However, the idea of 2-3 mega cruiseships tied to a downtown pier would completely destroy the very lifestyle that drew us to Zihua in the first place.

The following are some comments in a recent National Geographic Traveler by Sven Lindblad who operates Lindblad Expeditions and who stresses "responsible tourism".

"If we allow this (irresponsible tourism) to continue we'll ruin our business. The travel industry can't thrive in a degraded world...If the key element of conservation is preserving options for future generations, we are violating that across the board....We must find ways to get things in balance."

Challenges? "An important person in the Mexican government said recently: 'Swen, you do not realize we are under pressure beyond descr1ption to create jobs.' So that is the primary driver behind ill advised development..."

"Tourism is a very fragile industry, and we may kill the golden goose. People will stop visiting places that are overwhelmed...We must understand that people need to make a living, but in the quest for that, we can't destroy where we live."

As "local tourists" who have grown to love Zihua, we sadly would be forced to find another place to visit every fall if a mega cruiseship dock is built in Zihua Bay.

So we wish all of the our best to you in your struggle to keep that from happening.

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