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Escrito por blossom desde (ip70-181-102-80.oc.oc.cox.net) el día jueves, 16 de agosto, 2007 a las 10:35:57 horas :

And thanks to everyone who helped make our trip wonderful!We stayed at Club Intrawest on La Ropa, which really is amazingly beautiful, what a first impression when our taxi drove into it! We were so glad we stayed on LaRopa, rather than La Madera Beach after checking out both places (we'd thought about staying at Brisas del Mar). La Ropa and Zihua Bay is right up there with some of the most scenic places we've ever seen. I sat on our hotel patio for a long time the first day, basically just mesmerized by the beautiful scenery.
Swimming in La Ropa was great, too, for someone like me who's only an average swimmer. It's really warm and gentle, the water was clear.
We loved the friendliness of everybody in Zihua. I've never been to a place where every single person had a nice smile, and no bad attitude at all. And...we never had a bad meal, either! Great food at Pattys every day on the beach, La Sirena Gorda, KauKan (expensive, though), and Los Brasseros. I know we missed a lot of great places, too. Our taxi driver couldn't find De Donde Eros, where I really wanted to eat...
I have to say the humidity in summer was strong, and next time, I think we'll try the winter months. My only other negative impression was that I was surprised by the poverty in Zihua, even more obvious than any other resort town we've been to in Mexico...
All in all, Zihua's a special place. You can feel the peace of it in the air...thanks again to this board...

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