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Escrito por Gary-Dallas desde ( el día viernes, 29 de mayo, 2009 a las 10:52:03 horas :

I just got back from another fantastic week in Zihua. My flights from DFW into MEX and back were sold out. The flights from MEX to ZIH only had about 15-20 people on them. I previously posted how upset I was with Mexicana making 5 changes to my flights and having a 6 hour layover in MEX each way. Thanks, mostly to Scott, for the information about using the Metro to tour Mexico City. It is very, very easy to use and get around on. Each line has a different color and this, in itself, made it easy. We left the airport on the yellow line to the end, took the pink line and then transferred to the blue line for the Zocalo. WE spend a few hours there, toured the Cathedral and the National Palace. The Zocalo is a fasinating place. On our return trip, we stayed on the pink line to Chapultepec, the "Central Park" of Mexico City. We walked around the park and spent a few hours touring the Castle. All in all, it gave me a new insight into Mexico City and someday I'll make a trip just to spend 4-5 days there. The cost to ride the Metro is 2 peso's!

I have never been to Zihua at this time of the year and was surprised at the lack of tourists. There were very few visitors there and many business' were closed. Some of the restaurants were out of steak and even the tienda at the pier didn't have can's of beer. They weren't stocking much as there were very few sales.

We spend two very enjoyable days with Julio on the panga "JOCELINE", A friend of mine, Michele, made her first trip to Zihua, her first time on the ocean and her first time fishing. The first day we looked for sails but the blue water was too far out. After a few hours, we headed back to fish inshore. On the way back in, Michele hooked and landed a 45 lb dorado. It was almost as tall as she is! We fished inshore and caught and released dozen after dozen of bonita. Julio dropped us off at Las Gatas at Otilia's and we had a very tasty lunch and fun time. The small jelly fish that were previously reported were only around the dock area and we had no problems.

Our second trip was even better. Julio took us inshore fishing. We caught and released so many fish that we got tired of catching them. Julio headed south toward Barra de Pototsi and I picked up another dorado, about 15 lbs.. He then stopped at Playa Manzanillo and we got to snorkel for a few hours. This was my first time there and I can not describe how beautiful the water was. After a few hours of snorkeling, we started to leave. Within 5 minutes, we had a hook up on a jack cravelle. We (4 of us) ended up catching and releasing 2 jack cravelle's a piece. They were in the 20-25 lb class. We headed back to Otilia's and enjoyed another great lunch and many cold beers!

With the lack of tourist's, the local economy seem's to be really hurting. Normally we pay about $15 for a taxi back to the airport. We had numerous offer's for 100 peso's.

If I can ever help anyone with fishing or snorkeling information, please let me know.

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