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Playa Manzanillo

Hey, thanks for the report!

Is there a more detailed version available? Photos maybe? ;~)

The part about Playa Manzanillo especially interests me and many of my neighbors because this once pristine beach is under attack from (1) too easy access allowing folks who don't appreciate or respect what Manzanillo is to pollute and damage it, and (2) developers (reportedly such as Casa Que Canta who has a somewhat tarnished record regarding "beach ecology") who seek to repeat a worrisome trend of essentially privatizing what are legally "public beaches". Why our most cherished and treasured natural areas can't be preserved and properly managed as natural park and recreational areas for the benefit of both locals and visitors is a very important and pertinent question.

Unfortunately, no politician or public servant has apparently figured out how to make money from such protected areas other than to allow squatters to steal them (in exchange for money and votes) or to charge ambulantes and negocios semi-fijos to sell "their" wares on them (don't miss today's news story about violence, greed and political power related to the extortion racket in Acapulco's markets). So hopefully by reminding folks (especially tourist businesses and "responsible authorities") of the importance of places like Manzanillo as an attraction, we can focus on the long term benefits to both locals and tourists of preserving such places instead of the short term monetary benefits and creature comforts for a very few. Simply TEACHING locals (the ones who don't already know) to respect and preserve such places is the easy part (fine folks on the spot for infractions and ENFORCE it, just for starters!) and would have profound repercussions on our local ecology. Properly preserving and managing such areas would have a profound effect on our tourism.

íViva Playa Manzanillo!
íViva Playa Riscalillo!
íViva Playa Contramar!
íVivan Playas Las Cuatas!
íViva Playa Don Rodrigo!
íViva Playa Don Juan!
íViva Playa Hermosa!
íViva Playa La Majahua!
íViva Zihuatanejo!

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