Crocodiles Are Free

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miÚrcoles, 24 de junio, 2009 a las 14:42:41 horas :

This morning local media (radio and newspapers) made a big deal about the deficiencies in the fences that some rather na´ve folks placed around a couple of local estuaries where crocodiles live thinking THAT would keep the humans "safe" from the crocs. Apparently no one seems concerned about keeping the crocs safe from humans, which SHOULD be JUST as important if not more so. The fences were already in bad shape, and they NEVER kept crocs in, which is not something we should try to do in the first place.

Local turisteros are deathly afraid of the impact a croc attack would have on tourism, so they believe the crocs should be fenced in and relocated, even proposing that they all be captured and used in a local "croc show". Yeah, sounds like a "croc" of something to me, too.

Amazing these folks can supposedly run a business yet be so friggin' ignorant and blind about how to live with nature. Apparently not one of them has had the illuminating thought to see how it's done in other places where tourism thrives alongside wild populations of saurians. Such as Florida where alligators and crocodiles enjoy their freedom in protected habitats alongside some of the most prime real estate and most popular and exclusive tourist resorts in the world. Instead, "locals" (not from here) want to build fences and put all the crocs behind them and call it an "attraction". They will probably pay a "biologist" from some other state to "advise" them to build a croc pen. Apparently, though here along La Costa Grande of Guerrero tens of thousands of people and their families for generations have spent their entire lives living alongside crocodiles, we have no truly local croc experts, except of course for Tamak˙n, but I have a feeling the neat'n'tidy folks from inland cities with inflated salaries to go with framed egos on the walls of their air-conditioned offices don't take him seriously enough.

Instead of EDUCATING THE PUBLIC with clear and legible signs warning of the presence of crocs and explaining not to approach, feed or harass them, and more importantly FINING people who do (which is the only way to keep both crocs and humans safe from each other), local turisteros and "responsible authorities" prefer to take measures that are the MOST damaging to our local ecology and especially to the interests of the crocs. But since particularly here in Guerrero our illiteracy rate is so high (around 10%), maybe the signs wouldn't work for everyone, though I doubt those are the folks the turisteros are looking to as possible clients.

It seems pretty clear that if money gets its way there won't be crocs in the estero at La Ropa for much longer, and the ones at Playa Linda are doomed to be removed from their wild habitat, to be encarcerated and to suffer their existence until we become bored with them. Losing their freedom for our own collective ignorance.

I'm sorry, which of us is the "dumb animal"? I keep getting confused.

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