Barbara Castellano .. our loss

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Escrito por Judith Whitehead desde ( el día miércoles, 24 de junio, 2009 a las 18:10:33 horas :

To those original girls of Zihuatanejo, you will remember Barbara as the artist who couldn't stop "art-ing". She would paint your furniture, your room, or make a painting, or just sit and draw .. and then she started making jewelry where she had a good business in Colorado where she lived. She stole one of our favorite La Ropa men, the one we all know as Ventura, and took him for her own. They actually married and Ventura helped her with the jewelry, clean the house, repair the roof ... whatever she needed, he did with a smile on his face. We saw her last year on her final trip here and the cancer was creeping along her body, but all that vivaciousness and infectious laugh ... who could imagine that she would die!! Not me. We lost her the day before yesterday ...the day of our Tropical Storm. All that thunder and lightning must have been her strong spirit splitting the scene.

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