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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miércoles, 24 de junio, 2009 a las 19:23:14 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Crocodiles Are Free escrito por sue in mexico mo desde ( el día miércoles, 24 de junio, 2009 a las 15:50:50 horas :

Sanibel was our home for many years, and I used to take our dogs for runs through the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge there almost every day, puttering along in a green convertible Karmann Ghia with the top down, the music on, the afghan hound on a long leash ('cause he was so stupid he'd go out and sit down in the water where the gators were) and our other two dogs (a dobie-shepherd and a golden retriever) running alongside the car, always getting in when called if I saw gators or other critters in our path. And of course Sam the Parrot sat on the steering wheel or my shoulder yakking and whistling up a storm before sunset. Right about the time we moved away the Park Rangers put an end to that little liberty because other folks weren't careful with their dogs and they bothered the wildlife. Don't ya just hate it when a few idiots ruin a good thing for everyone?!

Gators lived in a small pond right behind our house, and plenty more gators lived in other nearby ponds and canals. Everyone learned to respect the gators and leave them alone except for one old biddy who used to feed gators at one nearby pond, teaching the gators to come when someone clapped, which made for some harrowing moments if someone clapped unaware of the gators (such as to call their dog or child) and dozens would appear out of nowhere. The best policy was to leave them alone and respect their space. Never heard of any incidents during the time we lived there, though we did have to remove one from the pool at a condo development I worked at. It came back a couple of weeks later so it was finally relocated to an uninhabited island wildlife refuge. Gators often got into local swimming pools when their ponds got too crowded or after big rainstorms. But they certainly NEVER hurt local tourism, quite the contrary. Everyone wanted to see a wild gator.

So I can't help but think that if Florida crackers, snowbirds and tourists can learn to live with gators and crocs we should be able to learn to live with crocs here. I hope I'm not being too optimistic.

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