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Escrito por GRNRAB desde (?) el día jueves, 25 de junio, 2009 a las 14:29:08 horas :

Just back from a week spent 6/13-6/20 which fulfilled just about all expectations and left a great first impression of Zihuatanejo. Weather was hot but mostly humid each day with really only one partly cloudy day Saturday 6/20. It rained for just a few hours only at night, early Sunday and then again on 6/20 and there was a brief power outage that morning quickly resolved. Early mornings had very light breezes coastside which I usually spent walking either up beaches or into town before the humidity built. Breezes would come back at around 8 pm again (which we typically planned our happy hours around, somewhere with a view)as did some large cumulus clouds. The rest of the time was sunny, hi eighties and humid. This time of year most areas seemed quite slow and only a modest number of tourists were out an about. Most merchants both in Zihua and Ixtapa were glad to see any customers and most willing to haggle a bit on prices. In general, the pace in both town felt "off season slow", non-touristy with more people willing to talk/joke a bit to us folks with broken spanish and in english even if they were playing up their store and restaurant or bar. Some were just oases on a hot day - Zorro's, Deborah's (Ixtapa) and Bandido's. A few restaurants were closed for the season or not serving lunch, but plenty were open both in El Centro and farther afield. We noted Coconuts, La Gula and La Perla Negra closed for season and Rufo's seems to be out of business. Great meals at Lety's, KauKan, Capricho's (flamenco guitarist Friday & Sunday eve's and a courtyard atmosphere) and Daniels. Great breakfasts at La Casa Cafe, La Sirena Gorda and the breakfast tortas/coffee available at the foot of the Pier early mornings, and baked goods "to go" at Centro Mercado. Casual midday meals at Rossy's, Los Braseros, El Sanka Grill, La Rana Rene all were good value and quality. Somehow missed a meal at Tamales y Atoles, next time. Bit of a plug - the Bistro Del Mar at our hotel Brisas Del Mar has a nice beach like setting at La Madera and the specials one night were as good as some of the higher end restaurants we tried for dinner. Dont overlook if looking for a bit of a higher end. Cant say enough about Brisas Del Mar - locat1on is so convenient,lovely room terrace views of the Bay, great service and staff, backup generator when the power went out, friendly Federico at the happy hour bar, and beacuse things were slow, we often felt like we had our own private resort esp. at the pool. We did ride the bus up to Troncones one day. We checked out the little archeological museum testing our spanish interpretation skills with the display signs. We did fish/snorkel with Julio on the Jocelyn one day and were quite successful with our inshore catch, part of which we enjoyed for lunch at the oft mentioned Otilla's where conversation with Franco leaves you with a smile on your face. I now reflect on the few days spent just whiling away the hours at beach palapas like Rossys or Otillas, sleeping in the breeze only waiting for the next drink or snack to appear wondering whether I was in one of those Corona commercials or not. Thanks for all the suggestions from the Board and enjoy your upcoming stays as well.

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