Anita La Pointe - Troncones Pioneer

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Escrito por Ann Merritt & Chris Kellogg desde ( el día miércoles, 01 de julio, 2009 a las 14:10:54 horas :

Imagining Troncones without Anita is close to impossible. From the first moment that we arrived in Troncones, 14 years ago, Anita was a force to be reckoned with. Her command of the Spanish language, her knowledge of the miles of paperwork needed, and her aquaintance with the local officials was vital to a growing community. Anita was colorful, and strong.........and thru thick and thin, and our ups and downs, we formed a solid friendship. Just Tuesday we were emailing about some current issue on the beach. We could always count on Anita to stand with us when important issues arose.

We won't know what to do without you, Anita. You have always been there to look at problems with a seasoned eye. We won't know the history of an issue, a group, or possibilities that we haven't even thought about yet. You were one of the pioneers..... You meant the world to so many. You were there to help with birth defects, a burn incident, a sickness..... You helped start a community...You left us, way too soon, Anita. We miss you so much. Watch over us Anita. We still have more to do.......... Love, Ann and Chris

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