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Escrito por ray lynch desde ( el día jueves, 02 de julio, 2009 a las 09:31:33 horas :

En respuesta a: Anita La Pointe - Troncones Pioneer escrito por Ann Merritt & Chris Kellogg desde ( el día miércoles, 01 de julio, 2009 a las 14:10:54 horas :

Troncones has lost it's Matriarch & Patrona.My family & I were lucky enough to stumble upon Anita about 10 years ago. We quickly were adopted by her & her Troncones family or families & have been regulars there ever since. She will be very much missed to say the least. Beneath her crusty exterior was a kind & caring person who looked after so many in the community- -locals & guests alike.She loved her big Mexican family- her dog-her guests-& her "charity case" of the moment(usually some dumb gringo or gringa she was helping out). We left there June 20th & she was still planning on the future - a trip to be taken- an upcoming move.She was a small woman of stature but big of heart & character. Her concern & caring for the community & it's members was obvious & real.So many depended on her for so much & so many were helped by her over the years.Adios Anita- we love you & we will miss you dearly.You will always be in our thoughts & may God or whatever is out there bless you for all that you have done.- -Ray Lynch & Family

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