Re: Anita Lapointe - a dear soul passes on

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Escrito por Huey and Linda Rodeheaver desde ( el día viernes, 03 de julio, 2009 a las 00:07:56 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Anita Lapointe - a dear soul passes on escrito por Judith Whitehead desde ( el día martes, 30 de junio, 2009 a las 11:20:23 horas :

I could not arrive before the services and so worried about coming back to Troncones without Anita.
But I had to come for my friends and for Anita's friend.
My loss is great. But there are so many in Troncones and Zihuat who are the best. Today I had the gift of having Anita's friends in Huey and my home.
It will never be the same, but it is still home.
Thank you to all who miss her, to all that have helped with her departure.

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