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Escrito por Tory desde (?) el día viernes, 31 de julio, 2009 a las 16:30:34 horas :

En respuesta a: Bungalows Ley escrito por Gretchen desde ( el día miércoles, 29 de julio, 2009 a las 01:06:25 horas :


I would not normally (and don't normally) post but your message prompted me. I have stayed at Bungalows Ley three times. Once in #7 and #8, once in #2 and once in #8 alone.

We like the locat1on, the place was spotless, and the staff and owners very, very nice. If we could get #2, which seems impossible to reserve except years ahead of time, we would go back.

We did not find privacy an issue on #2 unless you mind people walking up and down the steps beside your kitchen. We stayed next door to a nice fellow who weare now friendly with and there were no real privacy issues that trip.

The other bungalows are a complete different matter. I am sure others would not be bothered, but I was, very much so. So much so we cut our trip short last time we stayed in #8. The units there are in a line. If the people in #7,6 etc. want to sit and look at the ocean they are looking right at you too. I never once felt I could sit on our little patio area in private. This is something important to me on vacation. We would try to have a private dinner on the patio and would feel like we were in a fish bowl. Also, as everyone walks down and up to the beach they walk right by your patio area and if your room door is open they can see straight in.

I would also check with Bungalows Ley as I am sure they had done a very big renovation and I believe the units 3 and 4 are completely different and have lost their balconies.

I am not sure however...others may be more up to date.

Have a good visit to wonderful Zihuatanejo.

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